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Главная » Мания » Видео » 2008 - Breaking The Laws

Breaking The Laws. Collectors Limited Edition (DVD + DVD & Book) (Sandbeach Holdings, EU, CBX2753)
Label: Sandbeach Holdings. Страна производитель: EU. Каталожный номер: CBX2753.
Год выпуска: 2008. Бар код: 823880027536.

Book + DVD:
Label: Sandbeach Holdings. Страна производитель: China. Каталожный номер: CRP2284. Год выпуска: 2008.
Матричный номер: 00427096 58836 Vid. ISBN: 978-1-905954-98-8. Бар код: 823880022845.

Live DVD:
Label: Hurricane International. Страна производитель: EU. Каталожный номер: RMS2762.
Год выпуска: 2008. Матричный номер: 60304 + Vid. Бар код: 823880027628.

"Two Great DVDS & A Book In One Great Package" - это надпись на фронтальной обложке бокса. Чего уж там великого нашлось на дивиди, не мне судить, но то что касается упаковки... хм... ни металла, ни пластика, полиграфия без всякого намека не то что на шелкографию, но даже обычной фольги-серебрянки нет - простая картонка без оттисков и тиснений, упакованная в целлофан. Зато Collectors Limited Edition. Книжка с дивиди выходила как самостоятельное, полностью идентичное издание (включая матричный номер и IFPI коды на дисках) "Music In Review (Book + DVD) (Sandbeach Holdings, China, CRP2284)"

В записи принимало участие куча разнообразного народа в том числе критики и музыковеды, особенно на книжном дивиди.

This is the long awaited critical review of Judas Priest in concert, on record and on film. Drawing on rare footage of Judas Priest performing live this is the definitive retrospective of the career of one of the most influential heavy metal bands of the last thirty years. This independent film features a team of leading critics and musicologists in a penetrating journey from Judas Priest's humble beginnings during the late 70s as one of the many midlands' metal bands, through to the platinum album years and beyond. Hard-hitting and forthright, the critics pull no punches when it comes to discussing what worked in the music and why sometimes, it didn't.

Metal Gods
Heavy Duty
Headin' Out To The Highway
Turbo Lover
and more...

Get a taste for leather! Experience the explosive power of Judas Priest first hand with a critic's choice of some of their finest performances ever captured on film.

Breaking The Law
You've Got Another Thing Coming
Living After Midnight
The Green Manslishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)

EDITORIAL CONTROL: This project requires totally independent editorial control. These films and books are unauthorised and are not associated or approved in any way Judas Priest, their past members or their management. NB: These DVDs may highlight the limitations of the original film recording or the source material.
© Sandbeach Holdings Ltd. Book published by Edgehill Publishing Ltd. WARNING For private domestic use only. Any unauthorised copying, hiring, lending or public performance of these DVDs and books is illegal. Made in the EU. Photographs © Pictorial Press
COPYRIGHT WARNING: These performances are issued under licence. The provisions of the 1988 Copyright Designs and Patents Act apply in relation to these sound recordings, films and performances. Attention is specifically drawn to Sections 16(b) and 181 in respect of qualifying broadcasts as defined by Statutory Instrument 1991 No1751 (Application to other countries) Order. Reciprocal Protection for performers are granted by Statutory Instrument 2003 no 773 (Convention Countries and Isle of Man) Order, and to Section 30 in respect of criticism or review. Sandbeach Holdings Ltd reserves all rights of action against any third party interfering with the lawful distribution of this product.

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