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Главная » Мания » Видео » 1993 - Metal Works '73-'93

Metal Works '73-'93 (VHS) (SMV Enterprises fake, Russia, 200496 2)
Производитель: неизвестен. Страна изготовитель: Russia. Год выпуска: неизвестен. 
Каталожный номер: 200496 2. Barcode: 5099720049623.

Российская контрафактная видео кассета. Подделка под европейское издание. Без буклета. Коробка молочно-прозрачная, но обложка, в отличие от оригинала, односторонняя (внутренняя сторона пустая). Год выпуска пока неизвестен.
In the last 20 years Priest have defined the very essence of Heavy Metal, packin' crunchin' guitars, screamin' vocals and a set of stormtroopin' toons which have seen them maintain their position at the forefront of Metal
Packed with rare and unseen footage and photographs, METAL WORKS '73-'93 includes the band's first TV appearance in '74, numerous early promo videos, in-depth analysis of the devastating RENO suicide court case, and a fiery feast of live'n'molten mayhem from the band's many groundbreaking world tours.
With access to guitarist K.K.-DOWNING'S meticulously kept scrapbooks, the Priest story unfolds from their very first gig and lays bare the inspiration behind world-beating albums like Stained Class, Unleashed In The East, British Steel, Screaming For Vengeance and Painkiller in a no holds barred celebration of the myth and the Metal.
Tracks included are You've Got Another Thing Comin', Rocka Rolla, The Ripper, Diamonds And Rust, Killing Machine, Take On The World, United, Green Manalishi, Living After Midnight, Heading Out To The Highway, Hot Rockin', Screaming For Vengeance, Freewheel Burning, Love Bites, Turbo Lover, Electric Eye/The Hellion, Out In The Cold, A Touch Of Evil, Painkiller and Hell Bent For Leather
Featuring new interviews with the band themselves and appearances from friends and Priest fans like OZZY OSBOURNE, SKID ROW'S SEBASTIAN BACH, DEF LEPPARD'S RICK SAVAGE, HENRY ROLLINS, and more,
METALWORKS... serves up 90 minutes of pure Priest-pumped excitement!
It's heavy! It's loud! It's 100 per cent JUDAS PRIEST! Crank it up!
PHIL ALEXANDER (Editor, Raw Magazine)
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: 94 mins. Cover Illustration: Mark Wilkinson Sleeve design: Mainartery, London.
SMV, are the exclusive trademarks of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
For domestic and home viewing only. All rights of the owners of the works reproduced on this videogram reserved. Public performance or exhibition and copying prohibited.
Dolby and the double - D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Labaratories Licensing Corporntion.
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