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Главная » Мания » Трибьюты » 2004 - Evil Lives

Evil Lives A True Metal Tribute To Black Sabbath (CD) (Magick, USA, clp 1392-2)
Label: Magick. Страна производитель: USA. Каталожный номер: clp 1392-2. Дата выпуска: 2004.
Бар код: 741157139228. 

Американское издание в слип кейсе. Помимо четвертого трэка, где с группой Racer X барабанил Scott Travis, в буклете упомянут и Rob Halford, как вокалист Black Sabbath подменявший Dio на двух концертах.

1. ICED EARTH - Black Sabbath (Butler / Iommi / Osbourne / Ward) - 05:30

Matthew Barlow - Vocals; Jon Schaffer - Guitar, Vocals; Larry Tarnowski - Guitar; James MacDonough - Bass; Richard Christy - Drums.
Recorded at Schaffer Sound Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Jim Morris at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, FL
Iced Earth are a lesson in hard work, perseverance 6 dedication to the laws of Metal. Fast, loud, heavy...this band has survived well over a decade throughout "alternative," "grunge," "techno" and every other fad that has come along to either slay metal or worse, fuse with it in some sickening hybrid. Not that change is bad, but Iced Earth was never broken, never needed fixing and are righteously back on top of the global metal renaissance with a career that is deserving of its own tribute. Until that time...Jon, long may your flag wave proudly over the metallic battlefields you've bravely conquered.

2. PRIMAL FEAR - Die Young (Butler / Dio / Iommi / Ward) - 04:04
Ralf Scheepers - Vocals; Stefan Leibing - Guitar; Tom Naumann - Guitar; Mat Sinner - Bass; Randy Black - Drums.
Produced by Mat Sinner. Engineered & Mixed by Achim Kohler at the House Of Music, Winterbach, Germany
While still largely considered a developing artist in an American metal underground which is struggling to claw its way out from the debris of decaying Korn Bizkits, Primal Fear are rightly regarded as metal royalty in their Germanic homeland and surrounding turf. With a current cast that features former members of Annihilator, Gamma Ray, Sinner 6 others, it's no surprise this band rocks with such authority and authenticity. Check out their CD, Devil's Ground to witness the Germans in their heaviest glory.

3. JAG PANZER - Children Of The Sea (Butler / Dio / Iommi / Ward) - 05:15

Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin - Vocals; Chris Broderick - Guitar; Mark Briody - Guitar; John Tetley - Bass; Rikard Stjeraquist - Drums.
Produced by Jag Panzer.
These Colorado pioneers recorded this track immediately following the last date of the European tour for The Aqe Of Mastery. They left the stage in Bochum, drove 5 hours and started recording upon arriving in the studio - 36 hours without sleep. If such deprivation can produce heavy results like this...stay deprived!

4. RACER X - Children Of The Grave (Butler / Iommi / Osbourne / Ward) - 05:11

Jeff Martin - Vocals; Paul Gilbert - Guitar; John Alderete - Bass; Scott Travis - Drums.
Produced by Paul Gilbert at Bat Girl Studios, Las Vegas, NV
Never has a metal band been filled with such a sick amount of expertise on each respective instrument and still managed to come up with cohesive, memorable songs. As hard as it is to stand out from such excellence, the undisputed star of Racer X has always been Mr. Paul Gilbert. The young Pennsylvania native raised...no, simply removed the bar of machine gun axe grinding the second his jaw dropping "Frenzy" solo was released on the band's '96 Shrapnel effort, Street Lethal. This rare Sab cover is a treat to fans of the old school or just those who enjoy tuned guitars and those who actually practice with them.

5. VINCE NEIL / GEORGE LYNCH - Paranoid (Butler / Iommi / Osbourne / Ward) - 03:36

Vince Neil (Motley Crue) - Vocals; George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) - Guitar; Stu Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc.) Bass; Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc.) - Drums.
Produced by Bob Kulick & Bruce Bouillet it The Office, Van Nuys, CA
While the Sabs were preparing to become Born Again, Vince Neil was shocking a new generation of kids who were struggling to understand how the Shout At The Devil crede could empower their lives. Motley Crue, by way of their first 2 albums, scared parents who thought they'd come a long way by accepting the blood 6 flame spewing KISS. This was something far more raw & dangerous. The pentagram, the post-apocalyptic appearance, the bashing, trashy anthems...Hell never looked so good. Meanwhile, across the Sunset Strip, George "Mr. Scary" Lynch was sharpening his post-Van Halen & string attack. Lynch managed to add such infectious melody to his blazing leads that young heshers were able to tune out the Don and saturate themselves in the sonic guitar fury. With guests as laudable as bassist extraordinaire Stu Hamm & drummer's drummer, Gregg Bissonette, "Paranoid" never sounded so precisely chaotic.

6. ICARUS WITCH - Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Butler / Dio / Iommi) - 05:27

Matthew Bizilia - Vocals; George Sabol - Guitar, Keyboards; Sin -Bass; Abominog - Drums.
Produced by Eric Klinger, Pittsburgh, PA George Sabol plays Ibanez Guitars exclusively
Finally, a band destined to return hard music to its majestic roots, when the only adjective needed to modify "Metal" was "Heavy" (& perhaps a choice expletive). With a chilling appearance, dark theatrical edge and graphic fantasies, this young coven is picking up where Dio, Blackmore, Maiden, Malmsteen, Priest, Ryche & King Diamond left off in the mid '80s. Add the neo-classic hooks 6 shred of Arena Rocks glory days to the technical advances of tomorrow's underground leaders and the result is a most welcome roar over the trendy, here today/gone tomorrow flock of schlock rock. Icarus Witch is rising. Raise Thy Fist, Bang Thy Head!

7. FOREVER SAY DIE! - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Butler / lommi / Osbourne / Ward) - 05:49

Happenin' Harry (THE HAPTONES) - Vocals; Jeff Duncan (ARMORED SAINT / ODIN / DC4) - Guitar; Joe Petro (SPIDERS & SNAKES) - Bass; Tim Yasui (LONDON / SPIDERS & SNAKES) - Drums, Percussion. Produced by Gavin Ross at Steady Studios, Burbank, CA
Supergroups made up of members from disparate bands are generally a hit or miss affair. The chemistry that these 4 Sunset Strip vets conjured in the studio belies any notions of a miss. Pure aural stimulation, authentic tones, slamming rhythms...a real treat for fans of all the bands they collectively represent.
Tim Yasui proudly endorses Sabian, Vic Firth & Aquarian drum heads.

8. ORDER OF NINE - Disturbing The Priest (Butler / Gillan /Iommi / Ward) - 05:04

Michael DeGrena - Vocals Michael Chiccitt Guitar Bill Korecky - Bass Mike Sirera - Drums
Produced by Bill Korecky at Mars Studio, Cleveland, OH
Yet another blend of fine Metal from the Steel City, Order Of Nine wear that classy, European vibe that allowed Queensryche & Savatage to transcend the boundaries of standard American Rock cliches. With a sound forged in a timeless land of mythic tales, this band is capable of turning the proverbial knobs to 11 and melting paint off walls with a scorching assault of sonic fury. Pick up their Season Of Reign disc for further rewards.

9. STEEL PROPHET - Neon Knights (Butler / Dio / Iommi / Ward) - 03:54

Rick Mythiasin - Vocals; Steve Kachinsky - Guitar; John Pons - Guitar; Vince Dennis - Bass; Pat Magrath - Drums.
Produced by Joey Vera and Steve Kachinsky at Bill's Place Studios.
"What I remember was we did that song in a day," recalls guitarist Steve Kachinshy. "I had just seen Ronnie James Dio that day and told him we were going to attempt that song. He said, 'Good luck, it's not an easy one'. I told the guys that I had seen Ronnie and it seemed a good omen for our recording." Later on, Dio reportedly paid the band the ultimate compliment, saying he really liked this version of his classic Sabbath blaster.

10. AGENT STEEL - Hole In The Sky (Butler / Iommi / Osbourne / Ward) - 03:54

Bruce Hall - Vocals; Juan Garcia - Guitar; Bernie Versailles - Guitar; Karlos Medina - Bass; Rigo Amezcua - Drums.
Produced by Bernie Versailles 6 Agent Steel. Assistant Engineer: Rudy Hewlett, Recorded at Cameltoe Studios, Bellflower, CA
Agent Steel...the very name invokes images of die-hard perseverance. Formed in an era when West Coast Thrash and Traditional Metal were fighting tooth and nail against the more profitable Glam Rockers for respect and record contracts, this band has morphed, mutated and resurfaced enough times to be given a lifetime achievement award. Thankfully, they're back on the scene having outlasted nearly all detractors & posers along the way. True.

11. DOFKA - N.I.B. (Butler / Iommi / Osbourne / Ward) - 05:01

Scott Edgell - Vocals; Jim Dofka - Guitar; Brian Mihalovich - Bass; Todd Guerrieri - Drums.
Produced at Ice House Studios, Wheeling, WV
Guitarist Jim Dofka & crew have been shredding the clubs in the Pittsburgh/West Virgina/Ohio Valley region for over a decade. Having appeared on several other high profile releases and tributes with both Dofka (featuring Scott Edgell, vocalist of This Tortured Soul/guest vocalist for Mushroomhead) and Psycho Scream (featuring Control Denied/Pharaoh vocalist, Tim Aymar) as well as lead¬ing the Iron City version of Black Sabbath (Black Sunday), Jim was a natural fit for this Hard Rocking, guitar laden compilation.

12. TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Glory Ride (Iommi) - 04:55

Tony Taylor - Vocals; Scott Waldrop - Guitar; Dave Boyd - Guitar; Jim Hunter - Bass; Marc Stauffer - Drums.
Produced by Matt Crooks at Killebrew Studio, Annandale, Virginia
Anyone fortunate enough to witness these Virginian revivalists' blistering set at the sacred battleground of Wacken, Germany knows what more Americans need to...real metal is alive and breathing in the U.S. of A. 2003's Crest Of The Martyrs is the record Maiden & Fates should have released. It's that good.

13. OCTOBER 31 - Danger Zone (Iommi) - 04:30

King Fowley - Vocals; Brian Williams - Guitar; Jason Tedder - Guitar; Jim Hunter - Bass; David Castillo - Drums.
Produced by October 31 and Mike Bossier at Oblivion Studios, Upper Marlboro. MD
There is an unwritten law that you cannot release anything described as "True Metal" without the approval & subsequent inclusion of long time Deceased/October 31 mastermind, King Fowley. Few have done more to stoke the embers of a scene that's threatened to die more times than we'd care to count. Hopefully, this time the fire will rekindle, spreading the flames of metal might throughout the lands. You can guarantee King will be there with his merry men to hide the hydrants from any who might attempt to water down this lifestyle we hold so sacred.

Executive Producer: Brian Perera A&R / Art Direction: Jason Myers. Mastered by Bob Lanzer at Technovoice Mastering, Studio City, CA. Administration: Yvonne Perera, Paul Morse Production: Tim Yasui Contracts: Sydney Lanex Accounting: Joel D. Keyser CPA Marketing: Gio-patra Rodriguez Advertising/Editing: Ken "at least give me a damn editing credit!" Tighe Graphic Design: Eunah Lee. Cover Photography: George Sabol, Ron Johnson for ittakesart.com, Jennifer@jfrogmedia.com, jsin, Chris Shaffer. Costumes & makeup courtesy of Castle Blood's Ricky & Karen Dick. Cover Cast: Crimson King: Ricky "Gravely" Dick. Lucifer: G. Sabol. Dead Boys: Ryan & Liam Hurka. Paranoid Priest: Padre. Figure In Black: /|\. Special Thanks to black-sabbath.com, ubl.com, Steven Rosens Black Sabbath, Gary Sharpe-Young's Ozzy Osbourne, Andy Siry & Yvette Uhlman at Nuclear Blast Records (Wacken Rules!), Marco Barbieri & Ula Gehret at Century Media Records, Jorn, Petra & Bjorn "To Be Wild" at Remedy Records (Hail Metal Bash), Martin & Paragon (PROST!), Wehrwolfe.com, Alan Rosen & Bananas At Large, Kutters Edge Piercing, Matt Myers, Pat "Balls To The Wall" Leary, David Laszlo Cardinez, Cactus Pete, Maria, John & Martyr Music Group, all who helped make this tribute happen and of course, Black Sabbath for stomping on flower power and wah wah pedals, making the world a darker place for us heads to enjoy.

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