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Главная » Мания » Трибьюты » 1996 - Legends Of Metal Vol. II

Legends Of Metal Vol. 2 (MC) (Angel's Of Hell, Russia, 214)
Label: Angel's Of Hell. Страна изготовитель: Russia. Год выпуска: 1996.
Каталожный номер: 214. Barcode: отсутствует. Other Code: отсутствуют.

Российское издание из "красной серии". Серия названа условно по красно-оранжевой окраске торца. Стикеры на коробке или упаковке отсутствуют. Кейс стандартный, прозрачный. Вкладыш четырёхстраничный без перфорации без биговки, внутренняя сторона черно-белая. Продолжительность треков не указана. Кассета прозрачная без этикеток, без логотипа лейбла, без треклиста, без названия группы и альбома. Год выпуска 1996.

Here it is: Part II of a tribute to one of Metals greatest bands of all time, the mighty JUDAS PRIEST. As we did with Vol.1, we asked bands to contribute that were influenced by PRIEST and appeal to Heavy Metal maniacs. Some of them tried to add new colours to the classics they chose to cover, some tried to stay close to the originals - but all of them captured the true spirit of Heavy Metal that PRIEST have always reflected. That's why you don't find any trendy non-Metal bands on this compilation; it's for headbangers only, simple as that. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do. Thanks to everybody who participated - and especially to Jayne Andrews & JUDAS PRIEST who helped in every way possible! Now it's up to the Defenders Of The Faith themselves to deliver the goods once again. Good luck, Owens!
Gotz Kuhnemund (Rock Hard magazine)


01. ICED EARTH - The Ripper

Vocals - Matthew Barlow; Guitar - Jon Schaffer; Guitar- Randall Shawver; Bass - Keith Menser.
Recorded at: Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida. Engineered by: Jim Morris.

02. BLIND GUARDIAN - Beyond The Realms Of Death
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals & Bass - Hansi; Kursch Guitar - Marcus; Siepen Guitar - Andre Olbrich; Drums - Thomen Stauch.
Recorded at: The Twilight Hall, Kreteld. Engineered by: Piet Sielck. Mixed at: Central Sound Studios, Hamburg. Mixed by: Piet Sielck. Produced by: Piet Sielck & Blind Guardian.

03. HEAVENS GATE - The Sentinel
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals - Thomas Rеttке; Guitars - Sascha Paeth; Bass - Robert Hunecke; Guitars - Bonny Bilski; Drums - Thorsten Muller.
Recorded & mixed at Gate Studios Wolfsburg. Produced engineered & mixed by Sascha Paeth & Miro. Co-produced by Heavens Gate.

04. NEVERMORE - Love Bites
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals - Warrel Dane; Guitar - Jeff Loomis; Guitar - Pat O'Brien; Bass - Jim Sheppard; Drums - Van Williams.
Recorded at: Village Productions, Tornity, TX. Engineered & mixed by: Neil Kernon.

05. GAMMA RAY - Exciter
(Tipton / Halford)
Vocals - Ralf Scheepers; Guitars - Kai Hansen; Bass - Dirk Schlachter; Drums - Thomas Neck.
Recorded at Hansen Studios, Hamburg. Engineered by: Hansen, Schlachter. Mixed by: Hansen, Schlachter.

06. FORBIDDEN - Dissident Aggressor
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals - Russ Anderson; Guitar - Craig Locicero; Guitar - Tim Calvert; Bass - Matt Camacho; Drums - Steve Jacobs.
Recorded at: The Music Annеx, Меnlo Park, CA. Engineered & mixed by: Patrick Coughlin.


07. ANGRA - Painkiller

(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals - Andre Matos; Guitars - Kiko Loureiro; Guitars - Rafael Bittencourt; Bass - Luis Mariutti; Drums - Ricardo Confessori.
Produced & engineered by Charlie Bauerfeind for S. C. & Services. Recorded at Be Bop Studio Sao Paulo. Mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind at: Sky Studio, Munich.

08. OVERKILL – Tyrant
(Tipton / Halford)
Vocals - Bobby Blitz Ellsworth; Guitars & Vocals - Joe Comeau; Guitars - Sebastian Marino; Вass - D.D. Verni; Drums - Tim Mallare.
Recorded at Filthy Tracks, Rochester, N.Y. The Carriage House, Stanford, CT. Mixed at: The Carriage House. Engineered by: Andy Katz. Recorded, produced & mixed by Overkill.

09. KREATOR - Grinder
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Guitars - Mille Petrozza; Bass - Christian Giesler; Drums - Jurgen Reil; Vocals - Mille Halford.
Recorded at: Woodhouse Studios, Hagen. Engineered & mixed by: Siggi Bemm. Produced by: Siggi Bemm.

10. SKYCLAD - Dreamer Deceiver
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals - Martin Walkyier; Guitars - Sieve Ramsey; Bass - Graeme English; Drums - Paul A.T.Kinson; Violin & Piano - George Biddle; Backing Vocals - Tanya Rowlans.
Engineered by: Kevin Ridley & Stuart Campbell. Mixed by: Kevin Ridley & Skyclad. Recorded & mixed at: Jacobs Sludios, Surrey.

11. STRATOVARIUS - Bloodstone
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals - Timo Kotipelto; Guitar - Timo Tolkki; Bass - Jari Kainulainen; Drums - Jorg Michael; Keyboards - Jens Johansson.
Recorded at: Crownhill Studios & Finnvox Studios. Recorded by: Rudv Kronenberger & Timo Tolkki. Mixed by Timo Tolkki.

12. VIRGIN STEELE - Screaming For Vengeance
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals & Keyboards - David Defeis; Guitars - Edward Pursino; Bass - Rob DeMartino; Drums - Frank Gilchriest.
Recorded & mixed at: Media Recording, Babylon LL, N.Y. Produced by: David Defeis. Engineered by: Steve Young. Mixed by: David Defeis & Steve Young.

13. LEVIATHAN - Night Comes Down
(Tipton / Halford / Downing)
Vocals - Jeff Ward; Guitars - Ronnie Skeen; Guitars & Keyboards - John Lutzow; Bass - Derek Blake; Drums - Trevor Helfer.
Recorded at: Colorado Sound Studios. Engineered & mixed by: Rob Lewis.



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