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Главная » Мания » The Flying Hat Band » 2011 - Coming Of The Heavy Lords (Split LP)

Earth & Flying Hat Band - Coming Of The Heavy Lords (LP) (Acid Nightmare, UK, ANM003)
Label: Acid Nightmare Records. Страна производитель: UK. Год выпуска: 2011.
Каталожный номер: ANM003.  Barcode: 9991804079594.
Матричные номера: 110880 A1 KN / 110880 B1 KN.

Английский винил с допристовским материалом Гленна Типтона. Сплит альбом содержит ранние записи двух английских групп Earth и The Flying Hat Band. Немного информации о этих музыкальных коллективах есть на задней обложке. Матричные номера нанесены прописью. Год выпуска 2011.


EARTH were:
Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals / Tony lommi - Guitar / Geezer Butler - Bass / Bill Ward - Drums.

F.H.B. were on this recording:
Glenn Tipton - Guitar & Vocals / Trevor Foster - Drums / Andy Wheeler - Bass.

The Rebel (2:46)
When I Came Down (1:58)
Early One Morning (4:43)
Blue Suede Shoes* (2:08)

F.H.B. Side:
Seventh Plain (2:51)
Reaching For The Stars (4:36)
Lost Time (2:36)
Coming Of The Lord (6:41)

Songs 1-3 (side A) from Earth studio sessions recorded 1969. Song 4 performed by Black Sabbath in 1970. Songs 1-4 (side B) from Flying Hat Band demo recorded 1973.

Following the break-up of their previous band in 1968, guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward sought to form a heavy blues band in Aston, Birmingham. The two enlisted bassist Geezer Butler and vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, who had played together in a band called Rare Breed, Osbourne having placed an advertisement in a local music shop: "Ozzy Zig Needs Gig - has own PA". The new group was initially named The Polka Tulk Blues Band (after a cheap brand of talcum powder Osbourne saw in his mother's bathroom) and also featured slide guitarist Jimmy Phillips and saxophonist Alan "Aker" Clarke. After shortening the name to Polka Tulk, the band changed their name to Earth (which Osbourne hated) and continued as a four-piece without Phillips and Clarke. While the band was performing under the Earth title, they recorded several demos written by Norman Haines such as "The Rebel", "Song for Jim", and "When I Came Down".
In December 1968, Iommi abruptly left Earth to join Jethro Tull. Although his stint with the band would be short-lived, Iommi made an appearance with Jethro Tull on the The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll CircusTV show. Unsatisfied with the direction of Jethro lull, Iommi returned to Earth in January 1969. "It just wasn't right, so I left", Iommi said. "At first I thought Tull were great, but I didn't much go for having a leader in the band, which was Ian Anderson's way. When I came back from Tull, I came back with a new attitude altogether. They taught me that to get on, you got to work for it."
While playing shows in England in 1969, the band discovered they were being mistaken for another English group named Earth, and decided to change their name again. A movie theatre across the street from the band's rehearsal room was showing the 1963 Boris Karloff horror film Black Sabbath directed by Mario Bava. While watching people line up to see the film, Butler noted that it was "strange that people spend so much money to see scary movies." Following that, Osbourne and Butler wrote the lyrics for a song called "Black Sabbath", which was inspired by the work of occult writer Dennis Wheatley, along with a vision that Butler had of a black silhouetted figure standing at the foot of his bed. Making use of the musical tritone, also known as "The Devil's Interval", the song's ominous sound and dark lyrics pushed the band in a darker direction, a stark contrast to the popular music of the late 1960s, which was dominated by flower power, folk music, and hippie culture. Inspired by the new sound, the band changed their name to Black Sabbath in August 1969, and made the decision to focus on writing similar material, in an attempt to create the musical equivalent of horror films.

The Flying Hat Band were an early 1970s Birmingham, England hard rock act that, alongside Judas Priest, ranked as the Midlands' favourites to succeed. Despite not having released an album, the band proved a successful club act and eventually went on to support Deep Purple on one of their European tours.
The band folded in April 1974 following Glenn Tipton's departure to become the second guitaristin Judas Priest, who at the time had just signed their first record deal with Gull Records. Peter "Mars" Cowling joined Canadian rocker Pat Travers in 1975, and was part of Travers' band for several years. Trevor Foster joined folk rock group The Albion Band and Little Johnny England.
Signed to Vertigo, in 1973 the trio recorded a studio album which was never released as the label deemed the music had too much in common with Black Sabbath. Glenn Tipton is said to be in possession of the master tape, but it is unclear whether any material from it will eventually surface.
In 1992, small German label SPM International mysteriously released a split CD entitled "Buried Together", featuring progressive rock band Antrobus alongside 4 Flying Hat Band demo tracks, dated back to 1973.

Acid Nightmare Records Ltd.; 16 Court Street Rd., SE12 6LM, London, UK.
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