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Главная » Мания » Альбомы » 1987 - Priest… Live!

Priest...Live! (CD) (Columbia, Canada, CWCGK 40794)
Label: Columbia. Страна производитель: Canada. Год выпуска: неизвестен.
Каталожный номер: CWCGK 40794. Barcode: 06121340794902. Matrix: #940418KK CWCGK-40794.
SID-Code Presswerk: IFPI 6000. SID-Code CD-Master: MFG BY CINRAM.
Канадское однодисковое издание (2 Record Set On 1 Compact Disc). Ниже время звучания проставлено по реальной продолжительности. Буклет восьми страничный - одним листом. Год выпуска пока неизвестен.  

Total Time: 1:14:01.760 (195 881 616 samples). Track Peak Levels: 62,2 / 86,5 / 70,0 / 77,2 / 85,5 / 73,5 / 73,8 / 72,9 / 64,3 / 60,8 / 78,9 / 64,1 / 70,4 / 64,7 / 67,8.

Rob Halford - lead vocals
Glenn Tipton - lead guitars
K.K. Downing - lead guitars
Ian Hill - bass guitar
Dave Holland - drums

Lead Breaks:
Out In The Cold - Glenn first then K.K. second.
Heading Out To The Highway - K.K. first then Glenn.
Metal Gods - Glenn.
Breaking The Law - K.K.
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll - Glenn first then K.K.second.
The Sentinel - split into 7: Glenn, K.K., Glenn, K.K., Glenn, K.K., Both.
Private Property - Glenn.
Rock You All Around The World - Glenn.
Electric Eye - Glenn.
Turbo Lover - Glenn.
Freewheel Burning - Glenn.
Parental Guidance - Glenn first then K.K.
Living After Midnight - Glenn.
You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Glenn.

01. Out In The Cold (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 06:39
02. Heading Out To The Highway (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 04:30
03. Metal Gods (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 04:21
04. Breaking The Law (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 02:37
05. Love Bites (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 05:16
06. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (B. Halligan, Jr.) - 04:09
07. The Sentinel (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 05:05
08. Private Property (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 04:17
09. Rock You All Around The World (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 03:46
10. Electric Eye (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 04:19
11. Turbo Lover (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 05:53
12. Freewheel Burning (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 04:55
13. Parental Guidance (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 04:11
14. Living After Midnight (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 06:16
15. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin' (G. Tipton / R. Halford / K.K. Downing) - 07:48

This Judas Priest Concert Is Dedicated You Our Fans.
Recorded during the Judas Priest World Tour 1986.
Produced by Tom Allom. Engineered by Patrice Wilkinson Levinsohn. Assistant Engineer: Charles Dye. Mixed at Criteria Recording Studios, Miami. Mastered by Mike Fuller, Miami. This album was recorded entirely on Sony Digital Tape Machines. Priest/Tasco Flying System - P.A. in U.S.A.. Stage Built by Tate Towers. Stage Designed by Tom McPhillips. Priest/Tasco Lights.  All song written by Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford and K.K. Downing except Some Heads Are Gonna Roll written by Bob Halligan, Jr.. Management (U.K.) Trinifold Limited. Management (U.S.) Left Field Services. Judas Priest would like to thank all the people who have worked with us throughout the years and become our very good friends - with special thanks to Bill and Jackie Curbishley and Anne Weldon. Album package Design by Icon, London. Art Direction by Richard Evans. Photography by Neil Zlozower.

Tour Personnel USA and Europe 1986:
Jim Silvia Tour Manager. Mick Double Production Manager. Tony Dicioccio Tour Accountant. Tom Calcaterra Band Equipment Manager. Gordon Paterson (Gungi) Sound Engineer. Louis Ball Lighting Designer. Martin Rowe Monitor Engineer. Gary Perkins Assistant Stage Manager. Mike McConnell Guitar Technician. Des Blair Drum Technician. Kathy Rowe Wardrobe. Steve Brooks (Brooksie) Stage Manager. Pete Capadocia Pyro Technician. Harry Donovan Head Rigger. Howard Howes Stage Set. Byron Reynolds Stage Set. Robert Gershenfeld Vari-lites. Jeff Dunne Chief Sound Technician. Jeff Wiliams Sound Technician. Dave Montigo Sound Technician. George Harvey Chief Lighting Technician. Michael Curbishley Lighting Technician. Kevin Shirley Lighting Technician. Tom Wolfgang Lighting Technician. David George Lighting Technician. Gary Hess Assistant Rigger. John Bray Rigger - Europe. John Prentice Sound Technician - Europe. Michael McFarlane Sound Technician - Europe. Chris Clow Lighting Technician - Europe. Graham Court Security - Europe. Pete Doran Security - US. Patricia La Magna Production Assistant - US. Jayne Andrews Production Assistant - Europe.

©1987 CBS Inc. (p)1987 CBS Records Distributed by Columbia House/Distribue par Columbia House, 815 Middlefield Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1V 3M3. "Columbia" (logo) are registered trade marks of CBS Music Products Inc.
WARNING: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Printed in/lmprime au Canada
The sound of the original recording has been preserved as closely as possible, however due to its high resolution, the compact disc can reveal limitations of the source tape./Le son de l'enregistrement original а ete protege autant que possible mais du a sa haute resolution, le disque compact peut reveler les limitations de la bande originale.
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