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CD Bootlegs

Angels Of Retribution (2CD+DVD) (Scorpio (UK), Europe, 76)

Breaking The Law (CD) (The Swingin' Pig, Luxembourg, TSP-CD-132) (1b)

Class Of 1978 (2CD) (Shades, Japan, Shades 378)

Concert Classics (CD) (Ranch Life, UK, CRANCH 3)

Dawn Of Creation. World Tour 2008 (2CD) (Sentinel, Australia, SR 5308-1/2)

Defenders Of Gods (2CD) (Shades, Japan, Shades 471)

Definitive Blitz 1981 (2CD) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 266)

Definitive Denver 1980 (CD) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 265)

Definitive Jawbreaker (2CD) (Zodiac, Taiwan, ZODIAC 123)

Definitive Painkiller Live (2CD) (Zodiac, Taiwan, ZODIAC 291)

Definitive Vengeance (2CD) (Shades, Japan, Shades 470)

Demolished Birmingham (2CD) (Bondage Music, Korea, BON236/237)

Demolished Birmingham (2CD) (Columbia fake, Unknown, CD252-6004)

Devil's Spine (2CD) (Buccaneer, Italy, BUC 030-2)

Diamonds And Demolition (2CD) (Lawbreaker, Australia, JPDD302-A1_B2)

Diamonds And Rust (2CD) (Skeleton Songs, Europe, SS 010-011)

Downer-Rock Asylum (CD) (Audio Archives, UK, AACD076)

Fast & Furious (2CD) (Shades, Japan, Shades 200)

From San Antonio To St. Louis (CD) (Turn Your Player On, Luxembourg, TYPO 04 CD)

Genocide (CD) (Bondage Music, Japan, BON 037)

Graspop Gods (2CD) (Unknown, Unknown, JP2001)

Hard As Rock (CD) (Dr. GIG, Luxembourg, DGCD 055)

Hell Bent For BBC (CD) (Shout To The Top, Japan, STTP 040)

Hell Bent For Leather (CD) (Metal Biter, Germany, MB 26)

Jawbreaker (2CD) (Shades, Japan, Shades 001)

Judas Archives Vol.1 (2CD) (FRC&ME, Russia, GP-03ZZ0000781)

Judas Archives Vol.2 - Black Sabbath & Rob Halford (2CD) (FRC&ME, Russia, GP-03ZZ0000907)

Judas Archives Vol.2 - Black Sabbath & Rob Halford (2CD) (Unknown, Unknown, No #)

L.A.Nights (CD) (Classical Shots On CD, Italy, CSCD 004)

Last Temptation (CD) (Papillon, Italy, PAPILLON CD 013)

Leashed In The East (CD) (Tarantura, Japan, TCDJUDAS-1)

Legendary Japan Tour 1978 (2CD) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 132)

Live In Concert 25th June 1980 (CD) (The Store For Music, Italy, SFMCD038)

Live In Concert 25th June 1980 (CD) (Союз, Russia, SFMCD038)

Live In Concert 25th June 1980 (CD) (Eurotrend, Austria, CD 153.073)

Live In Japan 1978 (CD) (Shakuntala, Taiwan, STCD-149)

Live In New York 1979 (CD) (Top Gear, Spain, TOP 40)

Live... St Louis 1986 (2CD) (King Street, EU, KING2CD4007)

Los Angeles 1990 (CD) (Live Storm, Italy, LSCD 51156)

M·E·T·A·L G·O·D·S (CD) (Laser Media, France, LM3376)

Metal Conqueror In Osaka (2CD) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 133)

Metal Gods (CD) (Flashback, Luxembourg, Flash 06.91.0151)

Metal Gods (CD) (Barracuda, Ukraine, 4800478 88 8)

Metal Jaw (2CD) (Tiger Hook, Korea, THR-001)

Midnight Explosion (2CD) (Unknown, Japan, No #)

Painkiller In Sheffield (2 CD) (Langley Deluxe, Japan, 017)

Priest…Alive! (2CD) (Aces High Sound Production, Japan, AH CD 038-39)

Priests Of Pain (2LP) (Spotlight, Unknown, SL-CD 007)

Rare Metal Works (Limited Edition) (2CD+CD-R) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 180)

Reading Rock '75 (Limited Edition) (CD+DVD+CD-R) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 131)

Red Hot Tokyo 1978 (CD) (Full Metal Jacket, 0505002)

Redeemer Of Souls In Nagoya (2 CD) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 124)

Redeemer Of Souls In Tokyo (2CD) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 125)

Return Of The Magnificent Five (2CD) (Bondage Music, Japan, BON318/319)

Reunited 2004 (2CD) (MHM Music, Australia, JP 020604-1_2)

Reunited 2005 World Tour (2CD) (Metal Music, Australia, JP BOE 140305-1/2)

Robbed And Rammed (4 CD) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 127)

Sinners And Saints (CD) (Metal Memory, Italy, MM 90002)

Still Worth Fighting For (CD) (Hot Rockin', Japan, HRR 016)

Suicide, Homicide, Genocide (CD) (Prime Of Rarities, Japan, PRCD-1012)

Sweden Rock Festival (CD) (Bondage Music, Japan, BON322)

The Complete Painkiller Tour (2CD) (Painkiller, Japan, PAIN 90 / 91)

The Complete Painkiller Tour (2CD) (Sentinel, Japan, SR5208-1/2)

The Damage Is Done (CD) (American Concert Series, Italy, ACS 067)

The Gods Of Heavy Metal (CD) (Jailbait, Europe, JBCD-059)

The Metallian In The East (2CD) (Aces High Sound Production, Japan, AH CD 035/36)

The Priest Is Back (2CD) (Rocks, Luxembourg, 92047 / 92048)

Twin Turbo (4CD) (Zodiac, Japan, ZODIAC 126)

Twin Turbo Lovers (4CD) (Original Master Series, Europe, OMS 333-336)

Tyrant (CD) (Bondage, Japan, BON255)

Under Deadly Wheels (2CD) (Shades, Japan, Shades 391)