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Главная » Мания » Трибьюты » 1996 - Legends Of Metal

Legends Of Metal (CD) (Century Media, USA, 7825-2)
Label: Century Media. Страна изготовитель: USA. Год выпуска: неизвестен.
Каталожный номер: 7825-2. Barcode: 727701782522. Other Codes: отсутствуют.
Matrix: DIDX-046324 1 ⊹ ⊹⊹ ⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹ A01. SID-Code Presswerk: IFPI 50A0. SID-Code CD-Master: IFPI L326.

Американское двухпанельное дижипаковое издание с непрозрачным, черным треем. Наличие наклеек и стикеров на коробке или упаковке неизвестно. Буклет шестнадцатистраничный - книжечкой, внутренние страницы черно-белые. Дополнительная вкладка (21.5 x 27.9 cm) 'Century Media's Mandatory Mail Order' двухсторонняя, черно-белая. Диск изготовлен на заводе DADC, USA. Матричный номер зеркальный. Стикер 'THE WALL Lifetime Music Guarantee' наклеен на компакт диск. Год выпуска неизвестен.

Total Time: 41:59.000 (111 087 900 samples). Track Peak Levels: 99,9 / 99,4 / 99,9 / 99,9 / 99,9 / 99,9 / 99,9 / 99,9 / 92,5 / 99,9.

After more than two decades of making Metal we are very proud that these younger bands from different countries have come together to compile from our musical legacy, the first volume of the JUDAS PRIEST tribute albums. These bands are all innovative in their distinctive styles. It is therefore exciting to hear their renditions of these classic PRIEST songs and it is this accolade that makes this tribute album a justifiable addition to any JUDAS PRIEST collection. We would like to thank everyone that has been involved in making this album and all our loyal fans of their years of support and for travelling thousands of miles along the roads that lead to Metal with us. We, THE PRIEST, are about to embark once again on our Metal Mission through the millennium and know you will be there with us.

1. HELLOWEEN - The Hellion / Electric Eye - 4:07
(written by Tipton / Halford / Downing - EMI Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Helloween

Vocals - Andi Deris
Guitar - Michael Weikath
Guitar - Roland Grapow
Bass - Markus Grosskopf
Drums - Uli Kusch
Recorded at: Jailhouse Studio
Produced and mixed by Tommy Hansen
Mixed at: Jailhouse Studio

2. TESTAMENT - Rapid Fire - 3:43
(written by Tipton / Halford / Downing - EMI Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Testament

Vocals - Chuck Billy
Guitar - Eric Peterson
Guitar - James Murphy
Bass - Greg Christian
Drums - Chris Kontos

Drums recorded at TML Studios by Ash
Rhythm guitar and bass guitar recorded
at Burnt Offerings Studios
Lead guitar and vocals recorded
at Sound Temple Studios
Mixed by Michael Wagener
for Double Trouble Productions, Inc.

3. FATES WARNING - Saints In Hell - 5:08
(written by Tipton / Halford / Downing - EMI Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Fates Warning

Vocals - Ray Alder
Guitar - Jim Matheos
Drums - Mark Zonder
Bass - Joe DiBiase

Recorded at Bill's Place by Bill Metoyer,
Greg Cathcarr and Somewhere Else
by George Hideous
Mixed at Bill's Place by Bill Metoyer

4. MERCYFUL FATE - The Ripper - 2:53
(written by G. Tipton - Gull Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Mercyful Fate

Vocals - King Diamond
Guitar - Michael Denner (1 st solo)
Guitar - Hank Shermann (2nd solo)
Bass - Sharlee D'Angelo
Drums - Bjarne T. Holm

Recorded at: Dallas Sound Lab., Dallas,TX
Engineered by: Tim Kimsey
Mixed at: Dallas Sound Lab.
by: King Diamond, Tim Kimsey
and Hank Shermann

5. STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - Exciter - 6:08
(written by Tipton / Halford - EMI Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Strapping Young Lad
Vocals, guitars, bass - Devin Townsend
Guitarist - Jed Simon
Drums - Adrian White

Recorded at: Mushroom Studios, Vancouver
Mixed by: Greg Reely

6. DOOM SQUAD - Burnin' Up - 3:57
(Written by Tipton/Downing - EMI Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Doom Squad

Vocals - John Bush & Whitfield Crane
Guitar - Scott Ian
Guitar - Jörg Fischer
Bass - Joey Vera
Drums - Gonzo

Recorded at: Eldorado Recording,
Engineered by: Bryan Carlstrom
Assistant engineers:
Annette Cisneros, Brian Jerdan
Mixed at: Eldorado Recording
by Bryan Carlstrom

7. NEVERMORE - Love Bites - 5:23
(written by Tipton / Halford / Downing - EMI Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Nevermore

Vocals - Warrel Dane
Guitar - Jeff Loomis
Guitar - Pat O'Brien
Bass - Jim Sheppard
Drums - Van Williams

Recorded at: Village Productions, Tornillo, TX.
Engineered & mixed by: Neil Kernon

8. OVERKILL - Tyrant - 4:01
(written by Tipton / Halford - Gull Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Overkill

Vocals - Bobby Blitz Ellsworth
Guitars & Vocals - Joe Comeau
Guitars - Sebastian Marino
Bass - D. D. Verni
Drums - Tim Mallare

Recorded at: Filthy Tracks, Rochester, N.Y.
The Carriage House, Stanford, CT
Mixed at: The Carriage House
Engineered by: Andy Katz
Recorded, produced & mixed by Overkill

9. KREATOR - Grinder - 3:58
(written by Tipton / Halford / Downing - EMI Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Kreator

Guitars, vocals - Mille Petrozza
Bass - Christian Giesler
Drums - Jürgen Keil
Recorded at: Woodhouse Studios, Hagen
Engineered & mixed by: Siggi Bemm
Produced by: Siggi Bemm

10. ICED EARTH - The Ripper - 2:42
(written by G. Tipton - Gull Songs Ltd.)

Performed by Iced Earth

Vocals - Matthew Barlow
Guitar - Jon Schaffer
Guitar - Randall Shawver
Bass - Dave Abell
Drums - Mark Prator

Recorded at: Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida
Engineered by: Jim Morris

Compiled by: Götz Kühnemund & Borivoj Krgin
Cover artwork by Axel Hermann
Mastered by Ulf Horbelt, DMS
Note: This tribute wouldn't have been possible without all the help from JAYNE ANDREWS and JUDAS PRIEST themselves. Thank you very much!


℗ Century Media Records 1997
1453-A 14th Street #324
Santa Monica, CA. 90404
Distributed by RED DISTRIBUTION.

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