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Rated "R” For ROCK: Queens Of The Stone Age Interview 
By David Lee Wilson, Contributor

"...KNAC.COM: Maybe he was really just too nervous to pop the question to one of you guys! I read somewhere that Queens Of The Stone Age are one of Rob Halford’s favorite new groups. Did this guy have a shaved head by any chance? 
NICK: (Laughing) Oh shit! You know, when I was a kid I had no idea (about Halford’s homosexuality) and once I found out it was like, "Wow, it all makes sense now!” He was like one of those leather-daddy type dudes and if you think about some of the stuff that he is singing there are all of these references to it, like "Hell Bent for Leather” and Point of Entry and just all these things that make sense now. But you know, I don’t really care what he does when he is off the stage, you know what I mean? When he is on stage and if he is throwing down, cool, I don’t give a shit! His sexual preference, I could give a shit because it doesn’t affect me in any way. I am not with it so how is it going to affect me? That kind of shit never bothered me.

KNAC.COM: How did Rob Halford get involved with the last Queens record?
NICK: We recorded at Sound City in Van Nuys and we were in studio B and he was in studio A and there is only one lounge between the two so whomever is in studio A and studio B you are going to get to talking to each other. He was drum tracking for his new record and we were in B and our producer, Chris Goss, said, "Hey man, would you come in and sing on this?” and Rob was a really nice guy and said, "Yeah,” came in and did it. Josh wrote down what the lyrics were and he was like, "Oh, rock and roll cocktail, I think that I have had this.” (Laughs) It was so funny and he came in and did his stuff, a really nice guy, he is a very cool dude. Being a fan as a kid, I mean, I saw Priest as a kid in like ’83 and I never would have thought that in my whole life that Rob Halford would be singing on my music, never. It was actually a nice treat and it was like we were all in the control room watching him sing in the vocal booth with headphones on and we were all just going mental, "Oh shit! Rob Halford!” It was so cool.

KNAC.COM: Did you have to sit and think about how to write something that he could scream a bit on?
NICK: I said to him, he was doing some of the more sinister Rob stuff and then when it gets to the "Cocaine” part in the choruses I said, "Hey man, can you do your Rob Halford thing?” and on the original version every one is, (screams) "COCAINE!” But we didn’t want to overkill on that so we only ended up putting the very last one of the whole song on it and in the rest of the song he is just doing the sinister Rob thing but there are like eight different peoples voices on it so it was really tough to mix..."

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